EGEOS GmbH: Innovation through web technologies and geodata

EGEOS GmbH is synonymous with the development of web-based software and the integration of spatial data into business processes and applications. Secure, efficient and user-friendly applications perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs are the goal.

The focus lies on developing web-based applications for collection, managing and analysing data. The resulting applications are based on the latest standards of web technology. They are perfectly oriented to the user’s needs, and their scope of functions is adapted to individual requirements.

In addition to applications, data is becoming an ever more important part of companies. The current and future volumes of data have an enormous potential for creating value, which can be used effectively and in a targeted manner. We provide you with support in analysing this data and help you with current topics such as big data, real time information, the “Internet of Things” as well as geographic data.

With its competencies, dynamic team and constant striving towards new, innovate solutions, EGEOS GmbH is the perfect partner for the digital world.


  1. Address

    Einsteinstraße 1
    24118 Kiel
    Tel +49 431 382168-10
    Fax +49 431 382168-19


  2. Managing board

    Jann Wendt

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Web applications
    Data management
    Spatial data
    Real-time analytics