EBN24TV – Film productions worth seeing

Internet TV, company advertisements, press clips, podcasts or subject-related event and location films – for over ten years, ebn24TV has been developing and producing a wide range of audio visual media for private and state clients. Besides global players such as BMW, Merce­­des, Lufthansa or DB Schenker, our clients include institutions such as the Wirt­­­­­­­schaftsrat Deutschland (the German Eco­­nomic Council) and numerous German states, cities and towns. Our highly motivated staff, from cameramen through staff editors to editors in the cutting room, have extensive experience gained in some 500 film productions about almost every subject under the sun.

We use sound and camera to tell a story and try to get at that story’s emotional core. In doing so, we place as much impor­t­­ance on the personal consultative and planning interviews as we do on spectacular aerial footage with camera drones and soundtracks in over twenty languages. Our strength also lies in the cross-­media link between various media such as training films with training documen­tation or trade fair films with flyers.

Thanks to rapid decision-making process­es, 100 per cent reliable planning and the corresponding experience in high-end pro­­duction processes, we are the right partner for turning your ideas into visual reality.



  1. Address

    Thomas-Mann-Platz 1
    64291 Darmstadt
    Tel +49 6151 1770-21
    Fax +49 6151 1770-20

  2. Executive board

    Christian Kirk

  3. Business activity

    Image films, commercial films, internet TV, event and location films