e-nema Gesellschaft für Biotechnologie und biologischen Pflanzenschutz mbH: Biological plant protection and industrial production of microorganisms

This medium-size, globally operating com­­pany’s core competency is the production of biological plant protection agents based on nematodes and microorganisms, of feedstuff for aquaculture and of fine chemicals for the cosmetics industry. State-of-the-art technical equipment including bioreactors with great capacity and various downstream processing methods are available for own and commissioned pro­d­­uction of biomass and active ingredients.

The e-nema GmbH employs over 40 people, including eight doctorate scientists whose knowledge is available for own and commissioned research. The international team is working on new ideas and bio-technical solutions in projects such as the EU programmes “BIOCOMES” (New Bio­­logical Control Products) and “NEMAQUA” (use of nematodes as live feed for marine aquacultures). The company’s own plant protection products based on insect-pathogenic nematodes are used around the world for biological plant protection in agriculture, in mushroom and fruit growing and in horticulture; in Germany especially in the grass market and in fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Worldwide cooperation with other companies and research facilities has helped e-nema GmbH to firmly establish its po­s­ition in modern biotechnology.


  1. Address

    Klausdorfer Straße 28-36
    24223 Schwentinental
    Tel +49 4307 8295-0
    Fax +49 4307 8295-14


  2. Management

    Tillmann Frank

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Industrial production and sale of nematodes, bacteria and microorganisms for biological plant protection, for the animal feed industry and the cosmetics industry

    International research,
    development and lecturing activities