Dürr Somac GmbH: World‘s leading specialist in filling equipment

Dürr Somac GmbH represents the filling and testing of vehicle systems and equip­­ment (e.g. ABS braking systems, motor oils, radiators and air conditioning systems) during the final vehicle assembly. The com­­pany is active in 35 countries around the world. Its customers are the automobile industry and its suppliers as well as manu­­­­facturers of motorcycles, commercial vehicles, agricultural and special machines.

Putting the number of delivered equip­­­ment in relation to the number of produced vehicles, it can be said that every third auto­­mobile produced around the world is filled by using Dürr Somac GmbH’s technology.

The filling equipment is suited, depending on its level of automation, configuration and cycle time, for all vehicle assembly lines. Thereby, the company sets standards regarding efficiency, ergonomics, quality and environmental compatibility.

The global service network provides customers with competent and fast support. In addition, the Dürr Somac Filling Academy offers training to customers’ employees to qualify them in the specialised area of filling technology.

We take our specialists’ ideas and turn them into innovative solutions and tech­­nologies, which lead to more efficient workflows used by our customers.


  1. Address

  2. Management

    Bernd Preißler

  3. Year of establishment

    1978 as VEB Rationalisierungsmittelbau, privatisation 1991

  4. Employees

    250 worldwide

  5. Production sites

    Stollberg (Erzgebirge)/Deutschland, Shanghai/China