Djaida Marianne Henry-Perret: Entertainment with a historical backdrop


The Jagdhof (hunting lodge) was constructed under Landgrave Ernest Louis between 1709 and 1725 with the purpose of accommodating the par force hunting dogs, beaters and huntsmen. The vaulted basement (Keller), more than six metres high, served as cold storage for the game. Nowadays, the Jagdhofkeller is considered to be a hidden gem in the heart of Bessungen and a flagship for numerous music events.
Traditional jazz is at home here on a par with many other contemporary music styles. The “Keller” is a meeting point for fans of French chanson, Celtic folk, and more. But the programme also includes Irish rock, such as Kieran Halpin, gospel, and jazz, such as the Barrelhouse Jazzband. Live performances from the stand-up comedy scene, such as the NightWashClub of Cologne, are particularly popular. Cabaret artists such as Johannes Flöck and Ulrike Mannel have the audience in fits of laughter as well.

During the summer months, open air concerts are held at the Jagdhof, organized in cooperation with the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt. Whether for Crémant receptions, concerts, cabaret or open air events, the Jagdhof and its Keller offer visitors an exceptional ambience.

Marianne-mit-RomeoDjaida Marianne Henry-Perret was born in Algiers, Algeria, in 1961. In 1962, she fled with her mother and brother to the French Basque region. In 1972, her family moved to the famous working-class and artists’ quarter “Belleville” in Paris. In 1978, she went to the “Ecole boule” school, and in 1983, she obtained a degree in interior architecture. For the next eleven years, she worked in Paris, London, and Tokyo. In 1994, she came to Hesse to work as a visual merchandiser. From 1997 to 2000, she was a restaurateur in Togo (West Africa), after which she returned to Darmstadt. Here, she opened “La Java,” her first restaurant. Together with Klaus Rohmig, she has been operating the Bessungen “Jagdhofkeller” as well as the related French restaurant “Belleville” since 2006.