DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.: DIN Standards open markets and are a catalyst for innovations

DIN is a world leader in the development of standards and specifications and uses professional project, process and consensus management to guide this work. Over 28,000 specialists from all areas of industry and society contri­bute their knowledge to standardization activities. DIN is also a partner providing valuable assistance to innovative companies, since it is an established fact that standardization acts as a catalyst in the early phase of a technological development and helps avoid unprofitable investments. No company or organi­­zation can afford innovation without mar­­ket success, and in today’s market success is largely unattainable without being accompanied by standards and

The economic benefits of standardi­zation have recently been calculated to amount to 17 billion euros each year for Germany alone. Taking advantage of this potential, DIN helps identify and develop innovative sector in order to promote innovations and se­­cure market success.

It has been shown that norms and standards help translate research results into products and processes with a short time-to-market.


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    Am DIN-Platz
    Burggrafenstraße 6
    D-10787 Berlin
    Telefon +49 (0) 30 2601-0
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  3. Business Activity

    Develops standards and
    specifications as a service to
    industry, the state and society.
    Represents German interests in European and international standardization.