Die VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG: Your leading specialist bank for Russia

Experience pays. VTB Bank (Deutsch­­land) AG is a competent and reliable part­­ner for companies and banks in handling business in Russia and the other CIS states. With over 40 years of experience as a German specialist bank for German-Russian trade relations, it is re­­cognised as “the bank” in this sector.

The bank offers comprehensive know-how, market-specific expertise, first-class con­­­­­­tacts in the Russian market and com­­­­pe­­tent employees, allowing it to react to customers’ needs specifically, swiftly, flexibly and in a targeted way.

VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG focusses on three main business sectors and of­­fers a broad portfolio of individual solutions there.

1. Credit and financing. VTB Bank (Deutsch­­­­land) AG offers a broad spec­­trum of services such as overdrafts and financing for commercial transactions. Moreover, it offers tools for sales, bridge and foreign trade financing, as well as guarantees and securities in connection with foreign trade transactions. It also offers support in processing docu­­men­­tary and guarantee transactions.

2. Payment transaction services. VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG can rely on a sta­­ble network of correspondent banks through­­­out Russia and the CIS. This makes payments from Russia and the CIS fast and cost-effective. Further­­more, it acts as a clearing institute for banks from the Rus­­sian Federation and other CIS countries.

3. VTB Bank Russia portfolio. VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG is a member of the VTB Group, whose core is the JSC VTB Bank in Russia, the Russian Fed­­er­­a­­tion’s largest foreign trade bank. In addition to VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG’s product and ser­­vice package, cus­­tomers can ben­­efit from the services offered by VTB Bank Russia in almost 1,000 branches throughout the Russian Federation.

VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG is a mem­­ber of the Federal Association of Ger­­man Banks and the Deposit Protection Fund of the Federal Association of Ger­­man Banks. We are also Members of the Asso­­ciation of Foreign Banks in Germany.

  1. Adress

    Walter-Kolb-Straße 13
    D-60594 Frankfurt am Main
    Telefon +49 (0) 69 2168-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 69 2168-6319
  2. Executive board

    Dr. Valeriy Lyakin(CEO)Axel Breitbach(Member of board)
  3. Year of establishment

    1971 as East-West trade bank
  4. Employees

    94 in Germany 
  5. Business activity

    Credit and financing

    – Financing of commercial transactions
    – Guarantees and securities
    – Documentary and guarantee transactions
    – Overdrafts
    – Credit rating reports

    Payment transaction services

    – Correspondent bank network in Russia
    – Fast and safe payment via
    direct online connection to the customer
    – Clearing for banks within the Russian
    Federation and other CIS countries
    – Payment operations within the
    Russian Federation

    VTB Bank Russia portfolio

    – Various services from around 1,000 branches
    in the Russian Federation