Deutsche Börse Group: Deutsche Börse Group – We make markets transparent and safe!

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the larg­­est exchange organisations worldwide. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safe­­ty for investors who invest capital and for com­­panies that raise capital – markets on which professional traders buy and sell equities, derivatives and other finan­­­­cial instruments according to clear rules and under strict supervision. Deutsche Börse Group, with its ser­­vices and systems, ensures the func­tioning of these markets and a level play­­ing field for all participants – world­­wide.

Deutsche Börse’s head office is in the financial centre Frankfurt/Rhein-Main. With around 3,700 employees it is also globally present: in Luxembourg, Prague, London, Zurich and Moscow, in New York and Chicago, in Hong Kong, Singa­­pore, Beijing and Tokyo – and more loca­­tions for its customers the world over.

In Frankfurt, trading in financial in­­stru­­ments on regulated markets has taken place since 1585. Exchanges are among the oldest trading places – but also among the most modern. Deutsche Börse has long since been more than merely a mar­­ketplace. Using high per­­­­for­­­­mance tech­­nology, Deutsche Börse pro­­vides services to securities markets world­­­­wide and paves the way for com­­­­pa­­nies and investors to the global cap­­ital markets.

Deutsche Börse has a diversified business model. Its product and service portfolio has a broader basis than other exchange organisations as it covers the entire process chain, from the monitored execution of trading orders, clearing, net­­ting and transaction settle­­ment through to post-trade custody of securities as well as the necessary electronic infrastructure and the provision of market information. Deutsche Börse sets stand­­ards with its superior risk management and its innovative collateral management to enable customers to effectively use their capital.

Deutsche Börse’s Xetra® system is one of the most efficient electronic trading plat­­forms worldwide. Along with its sub­­si­­diary International Securities Exchange, the Deutsche Börse subsi­­diary Eurex is one of the world’s leading market organ­­isers for trading and clear­­ing of futures and options. Deutsche Börse also owns Clearstream Inter­­na­­tional, the leading Euro­­­pean organisa­­tion for post-trading services. Deutsche Börse Group develops its own trading systems and supervises the world­­wide participant network.


  1. Adress

    D-65760 Eschborn
    Telefon +49 (0) 69 2 11-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 69 2 11-12005 
  2. Vorstand

    • Dr. Reto Francioni (Vorsitzender/CEO)
    • Andreas Preuß (Stellv. Vorsitzender/Vice CEO)
    • Gregor Pottmeyer
    • Hauke Stars
    • Jeffrey Tessler

  3. Business activity

    • Xetra®: Fully electronic trading platformn
    • Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB®, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) with more than 900,000 tradeable securities
    • Eurex offers trading derivatives
    • Eurex Clearing offers risk management services
    • Clearstream: Banking, settlement and custody services
    • Market Data & Services with indices of the DAX® and STOXX® families, among others
    • Data centres for more than 30 exchanges and trading platforms around the world
    • Participation in the European Energy Exchange (EEX): Trading in energy and CO2 certificates