Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz Werk Wörth: Quality Made in Wörth

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth is the largest truck assembly plant in the world. Here the models Actros, Arocs, Antos, Atego, Axor, Econic, Zetros and the legendary Unimog are constructed, which are used in all areas of everyday life.

Far more than three million commercial vehicles bearing the seal of quality “Made in Wörth” were delivered to countries all over the world. Each vehicle incorporates the competence and experience gath­­ered in over 125 years of automotive innovation. Given that there are more than 1,000.000 ways to build truck, it is fair to say that each and every one of them is unique. Around 400 trucks leave the assembly plant in Wörth each day. In fact, on average, one vehicle rolls off the assembly line every three minutes. In doing so, we continue the tradi­­tion of Mercedes Benz trucks, which began with the invention of the first truck in 1896. Just as 100 years ago, our vehicles are forward-looking with regard to technology, safety and efficiency.

We set the standards in terms of quality and reliability. A feat which our 12,000 employees achieve for our customers. All work to­­gether in order to fulfil the brand’s pledge “Trucks you can trust.” The re­­sulting quality and reliability of our trucks is something our customers experience and appreciate on a daily basis. Many are working in their second or third generation to further advance processes and technology to collectively achieve the ulti­­mate goal: building the best trucks in the world. Transporting goods to all of the five continents on the globe, our trucks “Made in Wörth” are contributing their share for a mobile future.

Aerial photograph of the  Mercedes Benz plant in Wörth.

Aerial photograph of the Mercedes Benz plant in Wörth.

History: From fishing village to innovative truck manufacturing site. The plant in Wörth has been writing “truck history” for 50 years. In 1960, the former Daimler-Benz AG acquired the “Island of Wörth” in the middle of the Rheinaue wetlands from the Palatinate community of Wörth as a construction site. The site enjoys a great infrastructure and supply of labour, there­­fore making it the ideal location for a new, high-performance truck assembly plant. In 1963, the plant with its 100 employees started with the construction of driver’s cabins for trucks. Within only two years, the site grew to become the largest truck con­­struction plant in Europe. The region also benefited from this development and suc­­cess. Today, the plant and its 12,000 em­­ployees is the second largest employer in the Rhineland-Palatinate region – globally, it is the largest assembly plant for trucks exceeding 6.5 tonnes in total weight. Thanks to the development and test centre, which was inaugurated in June of 2008, develop­­ment and production moved together even more close­­ly. Here, Mercedes-Benz trucks undergo the toughest trials in terms of func­­tional and long-distance testing.

  1. Adress

    Daimlerstraße 1
    D-76744 Wörth
    Telefon +49 (0) 7271 71-0
  2. Executive board

    Dieter Zetsche (Chairman), Wolfgang Bernhard,
    Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt,
    Wilfried Porth, Andreas Renschler,
    Hubertus Troska, Bodo Uebber, Thomas Weber
  3. Chairman of the supervisory board

    Manfred Bischoff
  4. Plant manager

    Yaris Pürsün
  5. Year of establishment

  6. Employees

    around 12.000
  7. Business activity

    Manufacture of Mercedes-Benz trucks Actros, Axor, Atego, Antos, as well as
    the Mercedes Benz Special Trucks Econic, Unimog, Zetros, Arocs