Cord Meijering: The right tone for making music

The education imparted by the Academy of Musical Arts delights the students in its college division and the pupils in its city music school. But the educational activity also includes a busy concert schedule for the docents, exchange concerts at home and abroad as well as the academy’s own concert series such as the annual “Days for New Music”, held since 1955 – an abundant musical activity that goes to profit Darmstadt’s cultural life.


Artistically high-class presentations are offered regularly free of charge. The yearly programme includes something for all tastes, whether that may be a romantic lieder recital, community concerts, final examination concerts, a guitar soiree or piano weeks. Anyone attending those presentations will soon realize that the artists at work here have a devoted love of music.

The high-quality education has a long history: since its foundation as the former Schmitt’sche Academy in 1852, the academy can pride itself on the work of renowned music educators and artists such as Carl A. Mangold, Arnold Mendelssohn, Gösta Andreasson, Rudolf Kolisch, Konrad Lechner, Hans Leygraf and Donald Runnicles. Admission is governed by a strict selection process. The officially recognized academy is located in a modern building, which is conducive to a quality education: in addition to a good number of instruments, a small and a large music hall, 46 classrooms, 23 practice rooms, one chamber music hall, one percussion room, and one sound studio are available.


The college division offers education majors in all instrumental and vocal subjects, artistic studies in opera singing, orchestral music, composition and choral direc­­tor­ship as well as vocal and instrumental postgraduate studies. The city music school offers comprehensive classes for the young and young at heart in singing, instruments, orchestra, ensembles, choir, notation and much more.

CordMeijeringThe Dutch composer Cord Meijering was born in Esens (Germany) in 1955 and now lives in Darmstadt. After studying the guitar and composition at the Academy of Musical Art, he obtained master training from Hans Werner Henze in Cologne and a scholarship at the former East Berlin Academy of Arts with Hans Jürgen Wenzel. He earned various advancement awards. His works were performed, among others, at the Festival de Tardor in Barcelona, the Steirischer Herbst festival in Graz, the Festival d’Evian, the Frankfurt festivals, the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music, the CrossSound Festival in Juneau and Sitka (Alaska), as well as at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Cord Meijering is director of the Academy of Musical Art in Darmstadt.