Continentale Versicherungsverbund: “Being conservative is sometimes quite revolutionary”

RA92-2-KopieFor many, conservative sounds old-fash­­ioned and boringly traditional. The Conti­­nentale Versicherungsverbund auf Gegenseitigkeit sees it differently: Conti­­nentale has remained true to the focus of its founders with the motto: “Being conservative is sometimes quite revolutionary”. The parent company, the Continentale Krank­­en­­versicherung a.G., was founded in 1926 as a mutual insurance company – and a mutual insurance company belongs to its members, the insured. This legal form still constitutes the basis for the self-im­­age of the Group and its actions in all of its companies.



Continentale’s corporate guide­­­­lines are therefore based on traditional values such as partnership, respect, responsibility and quality. These values are reflected in many aspects of the daily activities. For example, Continentale places tremendous value on long-term commitments. Thus, the company main­­tains partnership-like relationships, char­­acterised by fairness and respect, with customers, sales partners and business partners. This includes the Group developing tailored offers for appropriate insurance coverage and plac­­ing con­­siderable emphasis on personal and qualified advice.


  1. Address

    Ruhrallee 92
    44139 Dortmund
    Tel +49 231 919-0
    Fax +49 231 919-2913

  2. Management

    Dr. Christoph Helmich CEO

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    The Continentale Versicherungsverbund offers insurance coverage from a single source for private customers as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  5. Premium income

    3.5 billion euros
    See the chart for
    a breakdown of the premium income.

  6. Investments

    19.4 billion euros

  7. Employees

    15 locations across Germany
    Almost 6,900 people
    work in the offices and in the field.