Christian Bau: Perfect performance with high comfort factor

It is a long journey. One is therefore na­­­­­­turally confronted with the question of whether the way towards the furthest corner of Saarland will be worthwhile. Yet, if not just past the “Pel­­linger Tun­­nel” or at latest as soon as one reaches the silhouette of the small Renaissance castle in Perl-Nen­­nig, one can be certain that the jour­­ney to the region where three countries, “SaarLorLux”, meet – direct­­ly on the Luxembourg border be­­­hind numerous hills – is worthwhile. Arrive. Breathe deeply. The first im­­pres­­­­sion is one of a small, romantic castle sur­­rounded by vineyards – com­­pletely idyl­­lic. Attached to this is an inviting Me­­di­ter­­ra­­nean building complex, which all in all makes up Vic­­tor’s Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg.Those who have reckoned with pre­­ten­­tious glamour are taught other­­wise – pure luxury in style, attributed with five stars.
People who wish to visit Victor’s Gour­­­­met Restaurant Schloss Berg must pass along a path that leads to the castle via a small, plastered courtyard with a well in it. A fabulous atmosphere dominates inside.


The newly created restaurant, which can seat a maximum of 34 guests, is bright and sunny and furnished with modern fittings. Cream-coloured table culture and leather chairs meet dark, wooden floors. Asian porcelain figures decorate the tables. I value a casual and at the same time stylish atmosphere.

My guests should really enjoy themselves – not only through their eyes, but also of course their palates. An authentic product stands thoroughly in the forefront of our creations.
These are cosmopolitan, which means that we use excellent products from around the world and are always on the look-out for new techniques. We gladly combine, for example, rustic elements with noble products.


mpressions collected from numerous travels around the globe find their place in our creations – for example traces from a faraway journey of discovery to Tokyo. It is important for me to offer a tasteful surprise rooted within a basic, classical foundation. The excellent cuisine hopes to offer culinary delights that will allow the sensitization of tastes. In this way, we win over people from all over the world, who know how to enjoy food.

Through the demanding interplay of con­­trasts such as sweet/sour/salty, crusty/soft, hot/cold, etcetera, our intention is to achieve a harmonious spectrum of intensity.
Our motto states: away from “one-sided pap”, towards making desire for innovation become perceptible – an experience – and to always try out the new, which we in turn develop further. For us, this means being open to adventure, the breaking of a classical, outmoded scheme and the dependence upon ones own in­­tui­­tion during the creation of new dishes. My work allows me to discover myself and only then, as a second step, my own cuisine. Supplementing our noble dishes are cor­­responding wines from our cellar that houses 600 exquisite items.

The service at Victor’s gourmet restaurant is hearty and professional. Here, we lay immense value on passion, warmth and ambition within the service. In the end, what we would like to offer to our guests is our hospitability and taste­­ful cooking creations, which should be casual and simp­­ly full of fun. 17 individually con­­structed rooms and suites invite to stay overnight.
Just across the door from the castle lays the Mediterranean style villa Victor’s Resi­­­denz-Hotel Schloss Berg and the country guest house “Die Scheune”. These win visitors over through their own unique charm. In “Die Scheune”, which is based on a very down-to-earth gastronomic con­­cept, hearty specialities, above all from the Saarland, can be found on the menu. One can also take a seat in the beer garden and be witness to fantastic views over the vine­yards.


The third restaurant on Victor’s land, “Bacchus”, is situated in the “villa” build­­ing complex and offers Mediterranean dishes, as is already suggested by its name.

In one of 96 rooms and suites, guests of the Mediterranean villa can dream of events that shall occur on the following day – whether these are important meet­­ings or an exciting tour of the area. For meetings, four event rooms offer an ex­­cellent backdrop thanks to their state-of-the-art equipment.

The attractions in the surrounding areas do not immediately hit the eye, yet are there when one looks carefully; file your own handicap on the nearby golf course, visit sights like the “Villa Borg” or take part in hik­ing and bike tours along the Mosel or Saar­ loop as well as city tours to Luxem­­bourg, Trier and Metz. Those who wish can enjoy their time at a wine-tasting session directly at the wine growers’, a carriage ride through the vineyards or boat ride along the Mosel – all fully following the motto: here, you shall be spoilt for choice. One can also, of course, easily switch off for a while in the wellness area of Vic­tor’s Residenz-Hotel, either through a quick dip in the pool, relaxation in the whirlpool or a hot sweat in the sauna. Ex­­clu­sive treatment programmes provide re­­­juvenation at Victor’s Vital Resorts.


So, the comfort factor lies well in the fore­­f­­ront here, where even dedicated townspeople can discover their love of country life.

ne_portr_bau_bh_26Christian Bau was born in Offenburg, in 1971. The three-star chef complet­­ed his training at Hotel Götz Son­­ne Eintracht in Achern. After various po­­sitions in gastronomy, the married Bau has been the Head Chef of Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant Schloss Berg in Perl-Nennig since 1998 and in the same year received his first Michelin Star, his third in November 2005.