CargoLifter – Bridging the Gap

No road, no bridge – too high, too far – the terrain is a disaster?! You wish that you finally had the long-awaited “air hook”! We use airspace and lighter-than-air tech­­nology as a way to lift items and transport them. CargoLifter balloon systems can operate higher, further and lighter and provide a wide range of solutions, even in critical terrain and remote areas.

Our job begins when conventional technology cannot solve a problem – or can do so only at extraordinary expense. We analyse your problem and come up with a solution. The first analysis is followed by a comprehensive feasibility study in the event that our levitation technology can provide a solution. Our systems can con­­tribute to a significant improvement in your existing processes and pave the way to new options!

As an entry-level product, the CL MK 250 “AirHook” is ideally suited to construction and repair work in cases where con­­ventional equipment can only be of little or no assistance. The CL BCS 1, as an “Air­Crane ” or “AirBridge”, can lift up to one tonne and work on land and is even able to unload ships – without a port! Based on customer requirements, we also design larger systems for loads of up to 60 tonnes, heights of up to 200 metres and dis­­tanc­es of up to 50 kilometres. Contact us!



  1. Address

    Gierkezeile 12
    10585 Berlin
    Tel +49 3089 5642-60
    Fax +49 3089 5642-57

  2. Manager

    Carl-Heinrich Frhr. von Gablenz

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  4. Business activity

    Special logistics, special crane work (in critical terrain or remote areas)