Calderys Deutschland GmbH: Refractory solutions from Calderys

Calderys was established in 2005 following the merger of two long-standing and highly distinguished suppliers on the re­­fractory market. Since then Calderys has been the world leader in monolithic re­­frac­­tories. Today, Calderys offers com­­plete and customised refractory solutions to a broad range of industrial sec­­tors and has the widest product range of unshaped and shaped refractories for the following mar­­kets: iron and steel, foundry, aluminium, cement and thermal industries.

In Germany the company operates under the name Calderys Deutschland GmbH. The company is based in Neuwied where currently 240 people are employed. There­with Calderys is one of the most im­­portant employers at the business location. The plant Neuwied was founded in 1955 and has been the biggest production site of the Calderys Group with an annual production of 115,000 tonnes of refractory material.



With 17 production sites in 15 countries and sales offices in more than 30 coun­­tries, Cal­­derys meets its customers’ re­­quirements on all five continents. Cal­­derys is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imerys, the world leader in extraction and production of industrial minerals.

  1. Adress

    In der Sohl 122
    D-56564 Neuwied
    Telefon +49 (0) 2631 8604-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 2631 8604-270
  2. Management

    Christophe Gérault,
    Michael Kampmann,
    Girolamo Rossi
  3. Year of establishment

    2005 born from the merger between Plibrico International and
    Lafarge Refractories
  4. Employees

    more than 2,000 worldwide
  5. Turnover

    around 560 million euros
  6. Business activity

    Development, production, sale and
    installation of monolithic refractories