ByteAction GmbH: Our business focuses on the interest of our customers

By use of reasonably priced IT products, medium-sized companies should be able to reduce costs, optimise the performance of their IT infrastructure and increase their productivity. This added value represents the focus of our work for our customers.

The ByteAction Group has been active in the market since 1992 and has continued to grow since then. Through coop­­eration with our partner companies we are able to competently cover the entire range of today’s IT requirements. Let us know your problems and test us.

Here is a small selection of our services:
• Ontrevo connects and operates secure networks and server platforms.
• Yastpoint develops software for individual customer requirements.
• ByteAction provides advice on everything related to networks, security and IPv6.

Over the last years, our products have also become a central point of interest for medium-sized companies in the fields of “E-Mail Management & Legal Archiving”. In these fields, we offer an extensive platform to serve the needs of German businesses. Here the focus lies on the legal requirements as well as on the necessary easy-working with e-mails.



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    Auf der Beune 83–85
    D-64839 Münster
    Telefon +49 (0) 6071 9216-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6071 9216-20
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    software development, email management