Bundesagentur für Arbeit Regionaldirektion Sachsen : Facing the future together – ­­With the Federal Employment Agency at your side!

Saxony is an attractive business location for companies in many different sectors, and needs to stand its ground in the tough national and international competition in the future as well. The job market has developed positively in recent years, and now offers good opportunities for businesses. All partners have to look ahead together and address the challenges of the job market. Over the next few years, demographic effects will mean that the number of people retiring will be greater than the number of young people entering the workforce. There are still many people who have not yet been able to benefit enough from the good job market situation. The long-term unemployed, un­­employed people with disabilities and young people in particular require individual support. In Saxony alone, around 70 per cent of all jobseekers are well qualified, i.e. have completed some sort of vocational training or university degree. This is where the agencies and joint job centres of the Federal Employment Agency come into play, advising companies on topics such as qualification, promotion and training. Staff at the employer service give HR decision-makers access to individual advice, including on regional distinctions, and a national network.

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