Buchwerk GmbH: We love books

The Buchwerk GmbH is an owner-man­aged family business with headquarters in Darmstadt. The book bindery offers a complete service around the book and produces up to 20 million books and brochures per year. The product spectrum ranges from high-quality illustrated books, sophisticated reference books and non-fiction books to exceptional brochures in adhesive binding and wire stitching.

50 qualified specialists manufacture high-­quality products in the priority areas of thread stitching and adhesive binding. Between 1,000 and 500,000 books are produced on the most modern book and brochure assembly lines in two-shift and three-shift operation. Buchwerk is there­fore one of the most efficient companies in the whole Rhine-Main area.

The latest technology in the entire value chain, short throughput times as well as the dedication of the excellent and highly motivated employees ensure that the customers are always provided with high-quality products at a perfect price-performance ratio. Buchwerk also pro­vides product storage oppor­tunities. For this purpose, storage areas of more than 7,500 square metres are available.



  1. Address

    Kleyerstraße 8
    D-64295 Darmstadt
    phone +49 (0) 6151 857-200
    fax +49 (0) 6151 857-290
  2. Year Of Establishment

  3. Business Activity

    book bindery with the technologies sewing, stitching and adhesive binding of hard covered books and brochures