Brandt & Partner GmbH: Creative solutions for your business

The idea behind the founding of Brandt & Partner (B&P) was to cooperate in a part­­nership with graduates who were sp­ecial­­­­ised in natural sciences and could prove an excellent ability in programming and business administration.

Consulting. We focus on designing busi­­ness processes and functions. We view our­selves as an instigator for optimising key processes. This requires not only an under­­­standing of business management but also well-grounded, comprehensive techno­­logical know-how, particularly in the area of software development.

Implementation. B&P takes responsibility for the implementation of all of its accom­plished consulting findings and concepts. We use standard software or develop cus­­tomer-specific software. If desired, B&P also takes over the project management or project leadership.

IT products. Based on a comprehensive understanding of different industries, SAP know-how and extensive knowledge of business management and programming, B&P has developed modules for SAP systems that are used by many me­dium-sized firms as well as global players. Examples include the Carrier Connector, the Event Management Cockpit and the Address Quality Manager.



  1. Address

    Benzstraße 2a
    63741 Aschaffenburg
    Tel +49 6021 4986-0
    Fax +49 6021 4986-12

  2. Management

    Dr. Winfried Brandt (Founder)
    Dipl.-Math. Karl-Heinz Unkelbach
    Dipl.-Math. Peter Knuth
    Dipl.-Inf. Peter Schuster

  3. Year of foundation


  4. Employees

    Around 100 consultants and software developers

  5. Turnover

    17 million euros (2013)

  6. Business activity

    SAP consulting and implementation. Comprehensive know-how in logistics and pharmaceutics, mechanical engineering, mail order business as well as publishing.