BOGDOL Verwaltungs- und Immobilien GmbH: People and services are our focus

Since 1975, the BOGDOL Group has been guiding and further developing its activities in Germany and Denmark from Hamburg. Many thousands of projects and commissions have since been implemented in the service areas involved in the infrastructural Facility Management. Intelligent concepts using our mudule principle are the measure of what we do. From consulting, maintenance, glass and façade cleaning, pollutant cleanup on and in buildings to reception services, janitorial services, textile services and security up to vending machines – we create your tailored solution for every sector, which guarantee one thing: highest quality work.

For us “cleanliness” is not only the “absence of dirt”, but rather cleanness, hygiene, safety and provision are a social and health-conscious obligation of everyone responsible for providing jobs, healing and care places, kindergartens, schools and so on. Social responsibility is only one aspect, value retention and maintenance of real estate and assets is another economical aspect, which can be implemented by our team of over 4,000 highly qualified and well-trained employees. We help you master these challenges professionally.


  1. Address

    Poppenbütteler Bogen 4
    22399 Hamburg
    Tel +49 40 60683-0
    Fax +49 40 60683-683


  2. Management

    Detlef Bogdol, Ingo Döhring

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Maintenance cleaning, glass and façade cleaning, cleaning technology, pollutant cleanup, facility management and
    caretaker services, service companies,
    vending machines, housekeeping