Bodo Ramelow: Premier of the Free State of Thuringia

Dear Reader,

Since German reunification, the Free State of Thuringia has become an efficient and high-powered business location. We benefit from its modern and well-developed road and rail infrastructure, its outstandingly well-trained and highly-­motivated skilled employees and a nationally and internationally famous research and scientific landscape.

Thuringia’s economy is diverse, ranging from an efficient and high-powered industrial sector to a small but innovative company sector. In important future-oriented sec­tors such as optics/optoelectronics, the automobile industry, biotechnology, medical technology, mechanical engineering and the foodstuffs industry, Thuringia’s company landscape is very well positioned.

Thuringia’s state government ensures that the economy has access to and is able to make use of favourable basic conditions. Its state development company LEG assists interested investors from the first enquiry to the final handover of the keys.

As well as the “hard” location factors, we also score with the “soft” ones. Today Thuringia is synonymous for an innovative economy supplemented by a rich and diverse cultural scene and a natural landscape. All these form the basis on which its people are able to lead satisfying and successful lives.

MP-aktuell-für-SGW Bodo Ramelow
Premier of the Free State of Thuringia