Bluhm Weber Group: Industrial marking solutions – From Germany‘s Rhineland into the whole world

The serial number on a car’s windscreen wiper, the best-before-date on a beverage bottle or the barcode on a shipping carton – if you look closely, you will discover markings from the Bluhm Weber Group from Rheinbreitbach, Germany every­­where. The Bluhm Weber Group (Bluhm Systeme GmbH and Weber Marking Systems GmbH) is a provider of system solutions for industrial labelling. Renowned companies from all sectors, such as Continental or Nestlé, use these safe marking solutions. All over the world.
The company group comprises several German and European subsidiaries as well as a large distributor and service net­­work around the globe. Bluhm Systeme is specialised in the sales and service of marking and labelling systems in Ger­­many, Austria and Switzerland. Weber Marking Systems is active on a global scale and plays a part in production.

Rheinbreitbach/Germany is the central production plant in Europe. Here, system solutions for industrial marking are developed, designed and manufactured. Every material, every surface and shape, from tiny electronic components to large pallets, can be labelled using various systems, such as ink-jet printers, laser coders or labelling machines.

  1. Address

    Maarweg 33
    53619 Rheinbreitbach
    Tel +49 2224 7708-0
  2. Management

    Eckhard Bluhm
  3. Year of establishment

    1968 Bluhm Systeme GmbH,
    1980 merger with
    Weber Marking Systems GmbH to form Bluhm Weber Group
  4. Employees

  5. Business activity

    Provider of complete industrial marking solutions
    • Label printers and dispensers,
    pallet labellers, RFID label applicator
    and inspection systems
    • Track & Trace solutions
    • Ink-jet printers, thermal transfer
    direct printers, laser coders
    • Labels, inks, thermal transfer foils,