BK Giulini GmbH: All of this. And much more.


“Water and bread” is still synonymous with basic needs for a greater part of mankind. At BK Giulini, we develop additives for manufacturing preserved, nutritious and safe foodstuffs, for example bread, dairy and meat products. With our knowl­­edge and our special products we make a contribution to the supply of drinking water. In a lot of industry sectors we offer system solutions which help to reduce water consumption. In doing so, we con­­tribute to satisfying human needs and preserving a viable environment.

Of course we cannot live on “water and bread” alone. We provide the global foot­­wear industry with innovative products which are based on recycled mater­­ials and renewable raw materials. With efficient cleansers, for example for the meat and milk processing industry, we provide hygienic production facilities. Our special chemicals against wildfire protect natural areas and human beings. And last but not least: what would we do without paper to write on, to read or for hygienic food packaging mate­­rials? We deliver products which give the paper its adequate characteristics.

We offer all of this. And much more.


  1. Address

    Giulinistraße 2

    D-67065 Ludwigshafen

    Telefon +49 (0) 621 5709-01

    Telefax +49 (0) 621 5709-6452





  2. Year of establishment

  3. Employees

    Around 1,000 in the
    Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region


  4. Business activity

    Special products for:
    food production, water treatment,
    medical applications, paper production, footwear production, fire safety,

    construction, paint and leather industry and much more