Berufsakademie Sachsen – Staatliche Studienakademie Dresden: Staatliche Studienakademie Dresden – Saxony‘s ­trademark for a successful dual degree programme

Together with around 850 approved com­­pa­nies and comparable institutions out­­side the business sector (practice partners), the Uni­­versity of Cooperative Edu­­cation in Dresden offers a dual degree programme with practical experience. As a state-run university of cooperative edu­­cation, the university has proven to be the third pillar in Saxony’s higher education sector. The accredited Bachelor degree programmes are equivalent to degree pro­­grammes offered by other educational institutions.

Students are able to complete a degree pro­­gramme geared towards the business sector’s requirements that combines prac­­tical experience with theoretical study. Scien­­ti­­fic-theoretical studies at the University of Co­­operative Education regularly alternate with practical courses that are coor­­dinated with the programme’s content. These practical courses are completed at the respective prac­­tice partner. Practical experience is incorpo­­rated into the degree programme in terms of content and organisation.

Companies benefit from this unique com­­bination; one reason for this, among others, is that the students acquire the necessary social and practical competencies in addi­­tion to spe­­cific expertise and methodological knowledge, thus allowing them to immediately pursue professional activities upon completion of their degree. Placement rates that consistently amount to around 90 per cent immediately upon completion of the degree, underscore the value and future viability of this study concept.


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