Berliner Volksbank eG: Personal. Competent. Accessible.

The Berliner Volksbank (Berlin’s Coop­erative Bank) is one of the biggest cooperative banks in Germany. It looks after private and corporate customers in Berlin and Brandenburg. The business model, created by a consortium of craftsmen and tradesmen, has been existing for more than 150 years. It incorporates values that are more up-to-date than ever: fairness, expertise, security and reliability.

Berliner Volksbank still feels absolutely committed to the basic idea of the coop­­erative, self-help, self-administration and responsibility for oneself – without help from the state. This makes Berlin’s Coop­­erative Bank a reliable partner. More than 644,000 customers trust the traditional bank, which is clearly dedicated to the regional craftsmen and small and mid-sized businesses.

Berliner Volksbank speaks for its customers and its region. Part of this is its social commitment. In 2009 alone, the cooperative bank supported more than 100 regional projects in the fields of children and adolescents, sports, culture and small and mid-sized businesses.



  1. Address

    Berliner Volksbank
    D-10892 Berlin
    Telefon +49 (0) 30 3063-3300
    Telefax +49 (0) 30 3063-4400

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