BASF Polyurethanes GmbH: We innovate to make our customers more successful.

The special plastic material polyurethane makes life much more comfortable, sa­­f­­­­­er and much more pleasant – as arm­­rests, mattresses, headrests, re­­fri­­g­­er­­­a­­tors, ca­­­­ble sheathing, shoe soles or wheels for inline-skates. The material properties of the “material of un­­limited possibilities” can be tailored to its intended use.

In polyurethanes, BASF is a leading supplier of systems, speciality products and basic products. The com­­pany is a preferred partner for its cus­­tomers from many sectors because BASF offers a global network of 38 polyurethane System Houses. The BASF brand PU Solutions Elastogran represents 40 years of experience by the market and technological leader in polyurethane systems and special elastomers. The headquarters of the BASF Polyurethanes GmbH in the Lower Saxon city of Lem­­förde is the technology centre of the BASF polyurethane world. Nearly 1,800 employees generated a turnover of 2.2 bil­­lion euros in 2010. On the basis of its System House network, BASF provides its European customers with a quick local service in the development of customised solutions all the way to technical service, sales, marketing and production. In addition, the company invests more than 20 million euros per year in research and development.


  1. Adress

    Elastogranstraße 60
    D-49440 Lemförde
    Telephone +49 (0) 5443 12-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 5443 12-2201
  2. Year of establishment

  3. Business activity

    Development, production and sales of polyurethane speciality products