Baerlocher GmbH, Deutschland: Baerlocher – World’s leading supplier of special plastic additives

The Baerlocher group of companies, with more than 1,200 employees and pro­­duc­­tion sites around the world, is one of the leading suppliers of additives for the plastics processing industry and provides the market with an exceptionally wide range of additive systems.

The company supplies products for the PVC sector (eg. pipes, window profiles, packaging films, and cables) and other polymer industries, such as polyolefin. Alongside the pro­­ducts for plastics, Baer­­locher supplies creative solutions for the construction and lubricant industries.

Baerlocher supports all efforts aimed at increasing sustainability in the plastics sec­­tor with innovative ideas and solutions.

Baerlocher operates one of the world’s largest production sites in Lingen, Ger­­many. The Lingen site was established in 1978 and has been continually expanded since then.

Baerlocher is committed to both industry and the society – the company contributes extensively and actively to trade association work, maintains the plastic additives museum and offers a wide range of vocational training.



  1. Adress

    Industriepark Süd
    Am Hilgenberg
    49811 Lingen
    fon +49 (0) 591-91 32-0
    fax +49 (0) 591-91 32-414
  2. Management

    Arne Schulle, CEO
  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    1.200 worldwide
  5. Business activity

    Development, manufacturing and sale of additives for the plastics industry
    and other sectors