ARTDECO Cosmetic Group: Beauty is ART

Helmut Baurecht founded the cosmetics company in 1985 using an innovative con­cept: it was his vision to focus his cos­­metics range on the individual needs and desires of every woman – with the highest stand­­ards of quality. Just a few years after the company had been established, ARTDECO grew to become the German market leader in the area of dec­­orative cosmetics. Today fashion-con­scious women from more than 70 countries world­­wide appreciate the lux­­urious cosmetics of the fashionable brand. ART­DECO plays a leading role in the deco­r­ative cosmetics sector in many European countries and is also regarded as a cult brand in some coun­­tries outside of Europe. Spread across more than 25,000 square metres of space, its corporate headquarters in Karlsfeld near Munich bring all the corporate divisions together under one roof: from purchasing, product management, logistics, adminis­tration, sales, marketing, PR & media to an in-house advertisement agency and production company.

“Environment and sustainability” is an important topic for ARTDECO. Looking towards the future, ARTDECO’s product development consistently focuses on nat­ural active ingredients. ARTDECO is already making successful progress in this area with its Mineral Make-Up collection and the Skin Yoga care series. The innovative refillable system is also charac­terised by environmental sustainability.




  1. Address

    Gaußstraße 13
    85757 Karlsfeld
    Tel +49 8131 390-109
    Fax +49 8131 390-359

  2. Management

    Helmut Baurecht
    Founder & owner
  3. Business activity

    Make-up and care products

  4. Turnover

    175.7 million euros (2013)

  5. Employees

    more than 1,000

  6. PR & Media