AOK Nordost – Die Gesundheitskasse: Health in good hands

The AOK Nordost is not only the largest public health insurance fund in the north­­eastern corner of Germany, it is also a modern, attractive employer. We are closely linked with the people in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-­Western Pommerania and as a socially responsible corporate citizen, we go far beyond the bounds of our original mission.

We want the best possible medical care for our 1.75 million members. Whether in long-term nursing care, hospitals, in doctors’ practices or promoting health – the AOK Nordost leaves noone alone. We develop innovative care strategies and respond to the current needs of our members. Our services sometimes far exceed those required by statute.

As a partner of the regional commercial community, our medical insurance fund serves 112,000 commercial clients. As part of the AOK service “Gesunde Unter­nehmen” (“Healthy Companies”), we provide support in company health projects. These projects consist of training courses on healthy company management, sem­­inars on how to conduct employee interviews and workshops on proper nutrition. The AOK Nordost also helps small and medium-­sized companies in its SME network to exchange information on promoting good health. Our AOK experts also train company representatives as health coaches.


  1. Address

    14456 Potsdam
    Telefon: 0800 2650800*
    Telefax: 0800 2650900*

    * free calls from the German fixed and mobile network

  2. Management

    Frank Michalak, CEO
    Gerlinde König, Vice CEO

  3. Year of establishment

    2011: through merger of the former
    AOK Berlin-Brandenburg and the
    AOK Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

  4. Employees

    about 5,500

  5. Business activity

    Medical and long-term care insurance

  6. Turnover

    6.8 billions euros