AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse in Hessen / We are a strong insurance company … and pave the way for a healthy future

1.5 million insured customers, 3,600 employees, a total budget of 4.5 billion euros: AOK is one of Hessen’s largest companies and by far the num­­ber one health care provider. No other player characterises Hessen’s health care sector in the way that AOK does. It cooperates with 140 hospitals, over 14,400 panel physicians and dentists and almost 1,600 pharmacies. In doing so, it drafts contracts with health care partners according to quality and effi­­­ciency criteria. This way, patients re­­ceive exactly the services they require – unbureaucratically and quickly.

AOK Hessen was among the first health insurance companies to develop an option including deductibles. With AGIDA, the company now offers a direct insurance that allows health-conscious customers who are willing to clarify their issues online or over the phone to save up to 360 euros per year. Other bonus programmes, prevention plans and additional statutory services com­­plete the product portfolio of the Hessen-based health insurance provider.

AOK Hessen is a company that provides its insured customers with quick access to health care. 54 branches spread out through Hessen, modern call centres and numerous Internet options provide a comprehensive range of services.
Not only that, AOK Hessen is always there for its corporate customers, too. Field service advisers, a special hotline and Internet services make it pos­­sible to clarify specific issues involving matters of insurance and contributions in a competent and fast way. AOK Hessen has already received numerous awards for its customer service and in 2013 is again ranked among “Germany’s most customer-oriented ser­­vice providers”.

AOK is not only a strong insurance provider; it is also an employer and training company. Each year, there are new training courses for social insurance specialists. In addition, the com­­­pany offers advanced training and further education opportunities, such as a bachelor’s degree at the Mittel­­hessen University of Applied Sciences. AOK Hessen’s diversity management specifically encourages and utilises the multicultural capabilities of its staff. It represents yet another benefit for all customers of AOK Hessen, which sums up its self-image in the slogan: “That’s why we’re AOK”.





  1. Adress

    Basler Straße 2
    D-61352 Bad Homburg
    Telefon +49 (0) 6404 924 2000
    Telefax +49 (0) 6172 272-139
  2. Executive board

    Fritz Müller (Vorsitzender)
    Detlef Lamm (Stellvertretender Vorsitzender)

  3. Administrative board

    Brigitte Baki, Dr. Werner Scherer (Alternierende Vorsitzende)

  4. Employees

  5. Insureds and corporate clients

    approximately 1.5 million
    insureds and about 100,000 corporate clients
  6. Turnover

    4,5 Milliarden Euro