Andreas Heyer: Aircraft, containers and wind – Focus on targeted promotion


 Bremen was considered the gateway to the world even back in the days of emi­­gration. More than seven million people emigrated by ship from Bremer­­haven to the United States between 1830 and 1974. Bremen remains a gateway to the world today. With its 540,000 inhab­­itants, Bre­­men is among Germany’s ten largest cities and is located a mere 60 kilometres from the North Sea. Its imme­­diate proximity to the Weser river, its ideal connection to the motorways A1 and A27 and railways, the container ter­­minal in Bremerhaven and the City Air­­port Bremen – all together result in a perfect combination for a strong business location in the Northwest of Ger­­many. Nowhere else in Germany will you find an international airport that is located so close to the city centre. Every year, around 2.6 million business and holiday travellers are counted at the air­­port, who take advantage of one of over 40 connections from and to Bremen.

 The companies comprising our three inno­­vation clusters, which we in partic­­ular promote in Bremen, benefit from the excellent connections, too. The aero­­­­­space industry is among the city’s future-oriented sectors. Bremen is the second-largest site for Airbus in Germany after Hamburg. Around 3,200 employees work at the production facility at Airport City, where a focus is on the development, con­­struction and production of high-lift sys­­tems for wings needed in al­­most all Airbus programmes. Bremen has also de­­veloped into a renowned location for aerospace transport, manned space trav­­el and robotics: for example, the Spacelab, the space laboratory Colum­­bus and the space transporter series ATV were developed and built by Astrium in Bremen. The OHB AG with around 2,200 employees specialises in the de­­velopment and assem­­bly of satellites.

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The Airbus plant in Bremen delivers fully equipped wings and landing flaps/pitch elevator systems for final assembly to the Airbus facilities in Toulouse and Hamburg. The Airbus plant in Bremen delivers fully equipped wings and landing flaps/pitch elevator systems for final assembly to the Airbus facilities in Toulouse and Hamburg.[/caption]

Bremen’s economic promoters and their sub­­­­sidiary, the Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH (BAB), with their targeted investment pro­­­­motion, together support companies with attractive programmes: for ex­­isting com­­­panies, start-ups and for “those new to Bremen”. From supporting the market introduction of new products to assistance in modernising company infra­struc­­tures and growth financing for SMEs all the way to participation in international trade fairs – the promotion options pro­­vided by the Free Hanseatic City of Bre­­men are multifaceted.

Here, the BAB serves as a development bank for the state of Bremen and fi­­nan­­ces, in close, non-competitive partnership with local banks and savings banks, all types of business-related activities which com­­ply with the interests of the state of Bremen. Particularly SMEs can benefit from the promotion measures offered by the Bremer Aufbau-Bank. Especially in critical phases such as establishment, growth, restructuring, but also consolidation or reorganisation does the Auf­­bau Bank supplement the involvement of house banks with loans, investments

Heyer_WFB_Andreas_14-KopieThe banker worked for the Sparkasse Nien­­burg, from 1993 as deputy bank de­­part­­ment head for the Norddeutsche Landes­­bank in Hannover and from 2000 as di­­rector of the Sparkasse Hannover. Before joining the WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH as chairman of the man­­agement board in 2009, he had already acquired relevant experience as CEO of the hannoverimpuls GmbH.