AMS Gesellschaft für angewandte Mess- und Systemtechnik mbH: We develop web solutions for distributed work ­involving measured technical data

Measurement data is a valuable asset in today’s development processes. Just as business data has been condensed in integrated information systems and thus made accessible for employees in the last decades (e.g. SAP), measurement data from different tests should also be included in a measurement data management system.

Engineers from R&D laboratories all over the world have to be able to search for conducted tests and analyse them via simple and integrated interfaces. Measurement data is more complex than business data. Nowadays, trial tests consist of over 3,000 channels with > 10,000,000 measuring values each. In addition, there are often additional videos, photos, GPS data etc.

In light of this, AMS developed an entirely web-based solution entitled MaDaM™ based on the latest technologies. When it came to searching for tests, in­dexing technology was used, thus eli­­minating the need for relational databases. The user can also access the sys­­tem with mo­dern smart devices via a pure HTML5 interface.

The measurement data management sys­­tem MaDaM™ and the integrated processing tool jBEAM™ is AMS’s comprehensive solution for real web-based man­­age­­ment and the evaluation of measured technical data.


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    Measurement data management
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