Amgen Switzerland AG: Pioneering science delivers vital medicines

AMGEN, the largest bio­tech­­­nology firm ­worldwide, develops, produces, and dis­­tributes biopharmaceutical pro­­ducts that are manufactured using re­­com­bi­­nant DNA technology. AMGEN plac­­es top pri­­ority on developing new therapies for diseases that so far have not or only insufficient­ly been treatable.

Due to their cellular origin and complex manufacturing process, AMGEN’s bio­pharmaceutical products are as unique as the human body itself. We will continue to be measured by the im­­prove­­ments that we bring to the quality of life of patients. For, even nowadays, only five per cent of cancer pa­­tients are re­­ceiving treatment that is up to date with the latest medical re­­search, and that must change.

AMGEN – your health is our vision.



  1. Address

    Dammstrasse 23
    CH-6301 Zug
    Telefon +41 (0) 41 36903-00
    Telefax +41 (0) 41 369-0400
  2. Year of foundation

    Schweiz: 1989
  3. Business activity

    Biotechnology, pharmaceutics