Amgen GmbH: Dedication and expertise benefiting patients around the world

As one of the pioneers in biotechnology, Amgen has developed into one of the largest, independent biotech companies in the world since the 1980s. Amgen has committed itself to using the latest biomedical advancements to benefit patients suffering from serious illnesses. This commitment focuses on the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative human therapeutics. The com­­pany’s “biology first” approach enables its researchers to examine at first the molecular signals of a disease and then determine which type of treatment will most likely result in the best-­possible effectiveness and safety. Meth­­odologies like these are the reason why science and research enjoy top priority at Amgen: the company invests 20 per cent of its annual turnover in researching and developing new preparations. Just as important as scientific innovation is the quality assurance of the manu­­facturing process for biological pharmaceuticals. This requires constant qual­­­­­­ity control and reliable supply of medicines to patients.

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Including its subsidiary, Amgen GmbH, the company has been present in Germany for 25 years. Over 370 employees dedicate themselves to product marketing and clinical studies. Amgen GmbH is conducting more than 60 active investigations throughout all study phases in Germany alone. About 200 employees of the Amgen Research Munich GmbH focus on research and development, primarily in oncology. Among other things, the company specialises in the development of “biospecific T cell engag­ers” (BiTEs) for the treatment of cancer. At the Regensburg site, nearly 20 employees are currently working on identifying chemical origins for new product developments with the help of high-through­put screening.



Amgen’s mission is to pursue the objective of improving patients’ quality of life considerably. For that purpose the company provides a working environment that allows employees to develop and exploit their full potential. Since 1991, the Amgen Foundation has been promoting science-oriented training programmes for scientists and offering courses for children and young people. The Amgen Foundation supports projects designed to improve the supply quality. Amgen inspires and prepares tomorrow’s scientists for the future through a wide range of scholarship and teaching programmes.



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