AMEOS Einrichtungen Holstein: Creation of a win-win situation with the right strategy

With its innovative strategy, AMEOS shows how future-oriented development in the health sector can be ac­­com­plished. A network of clinical serv­­ices, establishments of specialized care and integration has developed be­­­tween Kiel and Lübeck in the last few years. Today, AMEOS operates 16 es­­tab­lish­­ments with round 1,900 em­­ployees and a yearly turnover of over 100 mil­­lion euros at eight locations in Schles­­wig-Holstein. AMEOS thereby decisively shapes the psychiatric care landscape in the north of Ger­ma­­ny.

Not only the efficient management of resources is important: Quality development and user satisfaction hold equal value. This strategy forms a positive image for AMEOS, which reflects itself in dy­­namic demand.

The AMEOS Group, with its headquar­­ters in Zurich, is one of the major health service providers in the Ger­man-speak­­ing area.

The establishments combine quality medi­­cal and care services with efficiency und humanity at 37 locations. With 4,900 places and 6,000 employees, the group is the largest private carrier of psychiatric hospitals and inte­gra­­tion establishments in the Ger­man-speak­­ing area.




  1. Address

    D-23730 Neustadt i.H.
    Telefon +49 (0) 4561 611-4501
    Telefax +49 (0) 4561 611-4549
  2. Managing Directors

    Michael Dieckmann

    Theresia Kleikamp

  3. Employees

    1,900 employees from 50 professions

  4. Business activity

    Psychiatric services:
    Hospitals, specialized care, integration

  5. Turnover

    100 million euros (2008)