AMC AG Advanced Methods of Coating: Your partner for sticky notes, office and creative products and for pressure sensitive films and related products

With industry expertise going back over 50 years, Kaltenkirchen-based AMC AG and its three divisions Intercoat, Global Notes and Print Inform is an internatio­nally recognised technology leader in coat­­ing, processing and making fine papers and flexible foils into high-quality self-adhesive end products.

Its Intercoat Division specialises in making self-adhesive laminates from PE, PP, PVC and PET for the printing, advertising and labelling industries and for technically sophisticated applications such as aircraft and motor vehicle manufacturing.

In its new factory in Hagenow, the Global Notes Division produces self-adhesive information media using environmentally friendly solvent-free adhesive for use in offices, schools, the household and in creative activities.

The Print Inform Division coats paper and foil with water-based adhesive (pro­­duced in-house) to make self-adhesive rolls, which it sells to the printing, news­­papers and advertising materials indus­tries all over the world.

AMC places much importance on the careful selection of high-quality, ecologically neutral raw materials for its certified product range.


  1. Address

    Boschstraße 12
    24568 Kaltenkirchen
    Tel +49 4191 8005-0


  2. Board

    Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Leichner
    Thomas Schwertfeger

  3. Supervisory board

    Günter Kamissek

  4. Year of establishment


  5. Business activity

    Intercoat: self-adhesive laminates
    for the printing, advertising
    and labelling industries
    Global Notes: adhesive „post-it“-type notes
    and other self-adhesive products
    Print Inform: paper coatings