Alsco Berufsbekleidungsservice GmbH: First in Textile Service

A uniform look, a modern appearance and recognisability are attributes that are becoming more and more important in companies. For the perfect look, ALSCO leases out professional workwear as well as clothing for employees in the hospitality industry. As the inventor of the clothing supply service, ALSCO is the worldwide leader in this segment.

service-kreislauf_2016_2_squareSupplying companies with all their workwear needs begins when our competent sales staff advise our customers. The clothing is then tried on by each client employee for a meticulous appraisal later. The clothing is then delivered to the customer.

From this point, the clothing is processed in a strictly-controlled servicing cycle (see graphic). Starting with personal collection of soiled clothing by our service drivers through appropriate care and preparation, quality control and ending with delivery of clean clothing back to the customer. From its arrival at the laundry to its return to the customer, the clothing is traced by barcodes sewn into a Patch. Through this system, the clothing can also be sorted by customer and wearer. As the inventor of the clothing service, ALSCO has led this segment since 1889.


  1. Adress

    Niederlassung Kaiserslautern

    Otto-Hahn-Straße 1

    67661 Kaiserslautern

    Tel +49 6301 600-600

    Fax +49 6301 600-800

  2. Management

    Martin Swierzy

  3. Year of establishment

    1889 (Lincoln/Nebraska, USA)

    1956 (Kologne, Germany)

  4. Employees