albis-elcon: The Network Optimization Company

With over 300 employees, the technology company albis-elcon develops and produces telecommunication solutions for the deployment of broadband networks.

albis-elcon products are used on site by net­­work operators for business customers, offering voice and data services with high security standards and variable bandwidth.

Network operators meet the growing demand for more bandwidth in mobile net­­works and landlines through the deployment of fibre optic networks. This requires a distributed power supply of active net­­work infrastructure. Remote supply solutions, network termination units and routers made by albis-elcon offer a high potential for savings when setting up networks, as well as a short­­ened time to market and innovative end consumer services.

Service quality is a crucial factor for network operators in order to be able to differentiate oneself on the market. Innovative network management solutions by albis-elcon enable network components for metro networks to be maintained re­­motely. In the area of multimedia, the company’s complete entertainment solutions meet the highest requirements for IPTV and over-the-top services.

albis-elcon operates in the core markets Europe, South America and the Middle East. The company’s headquarters are situated in Hartmannsdorf and Zurich.


  1. Address

    Obere Hauptstraße 10
    09232 Hartmannsdorf
    Tel +49 3722 7351-0
    Fax +49 3722 6160

  2. Management

    Werner Neubauer (CEO)
    Markus Königshofer (COO)

  3. Year of establishment

    elcon – 1990
    part of the UET group since 2007 (listed on the stock exchange);
    albis – 2008
    part of the UET group since 2015

  4. Employees

    Over 300

  5. Business activity

    Telecommunication products for access networks, systems for network power supply and IPTV services.

  6. Turnover

    aprox. 50 million euros (2014)