Albert – Frankenthal GmbH: Efficiency and strength in implementation – The experts for mechanical engineering

The Albert-Frankenthal GmbH, whose origins are in the Frankenthal plant of Koenig & Bauer AG, a world leader in manufacturing printing machines, pro­­duces core components for printing technology. Almost 250 employees of our long-established company focus on manufacturing parts and component groups meeting the most stringent demands on precision, quality and de­­livery reliability. The spectrum covers prismatic and rotationally symmetric components and includes technical con­­sulting, procurement of the purchased parts as well as the static and dynamic balancing of rigid and elastic bodies. Highly trained technicians, the majority of whom have graduated from our in-house training, manufacture their products using state-of-the-art CNC machines and processing centres. We take advantage of our experienced QS management and ensure high process reliability in the production of the series components.

 Our services also include comprehensive knowledge in procurement and lo­­gistics. Our customers benefit from cost advantages thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the procurement markets. Our proven production planning system ensures reliable ad­­herence to agreed delivery dates within our German-speaking core market.

  1. Address

    Lambsheimer Straße 18
    D-67227 Frankenthal
    phone +49 (0) 6233 873-0
    fax +49 (0) 6233 873-3222
  2. Management

    Hans-Peter Kohlmann
  3. Sales management

    Tim Luckhardt
  4. Year of establishment

    Founded in 1861 as Maschinenfabrik Albert & Hamm
    In 2011, foundation of the Albert-Frankenthal GmbH
  5. Employees

    almost 250 employees
  6. Business activity

    Production of rollers as well as prismatic and rotationally symmetric components, applied welding processes, procurement and logistics, core components for the printing industry and special mechanical engineering, deliveries within our German-speaking core market.