Agentur für Arbeit Wiesbaden: Wiesbaden Employment Agency – good service – Fast placement


The Wiesbaden Employment Agency has organized an employer service for com­­panies in Wiesbaden and the Rhein­­gau-Taunus district. 30 qualified placement officers at three locations are avail­­able for professional personnel servic­es in advice and action. Each em­­ploy­­er has a permanent contact partner known to him personally, who sup­­ports him in the search for suitable, qualified specialists (even across Eu­­rope), in the filling of apprenticeships, as well as the em­­ployment of disabled or rehabilitated persons, and also in­­forms him about short-time worker payment, seasonal employment and much more. For the placement officers at the employer serv­­ice in Wiesbaden, the customers’ wishes and the distinctive features of the job offer stand in the foreground. In­­dus­­trial and economic experience and the exact knowledge of the regional job-mar­­ket are the prerequisites. These are achieved above all through intensive personal contacts and regular visits to the companies on lo­­ca­tion. In this way, the Wies­­baden placement officers can estimate in advance which applicants will fit into a company. The contact part­­ners at the Employment Agency, as de­­sired, will also gladly take on the pre-selection of potential em­­ploy­­ees and thus support and assist the company during the entire manpower search process.


  1. Address

    Klarenthaler Straße 34
    D-65197 Wiesbaden
    Arbeitgeberhotline: 0800 4 5555 20
    Telefax +49 (0) 611 9494-505

  2. CEO

    Alexander Baumann
  3. Business activity

    • Training and work placement services
    • Career counseling and career orientation
    • Employer consulting and
    job market consulting
    • Support for apprenticeships
    • Support for vocational continuing education
    • Support for the integration
    of persons with disabilities
    • Support for the retention and
    creation of workplaces, and
    • Worker’s compensation payments,
    such as for example unemployment
    benefits, short-time compensation
    or insolvency compensation