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© acre/Eibe Sönnecken

© acre/Eibe Sönnecken

Forget Yoga. Be Van Gogh. Real estate marketing – strategic and creative.

“Properties are quiet giants. At the be­­ginning of a task, we are quiet, too – that is the only way we can hear them. What do they benefit from? Authen­ticity, active relationships and asset managers who are interested in them”, says Elisabeth Kammermeier.

How do we bring property to life? By understanding what it is all about. Every location, every product tells its own story. We, the acre agency, use these stories to develop marketable brands and communication strategies. Our in­­ter­­disciplinary team comes into play when the strategic focus of a product, a property or an urban development is involved. This is exactly the foundation upon which the potential for value creation is based.

We develop and implement target-group-oriented marketing concepts for asset managers, project and urban devel­­opers, owners, operators and re­­tailers based on facts, the customer’s vision and the existing market situation. We are proud of the fact that our services contributed to the largest trans­­actions in the German real estate investment market in recent years. But mere size is not the only concern. Whether office tower, luxury hotel, shopping centre or district development – the focus is al­­ways on the property and its potential.


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