2Call Informations- und Kommunikationsservice GmbH: The right partner for technical matters – fast, secure, pleasant to deal with

2Call Informations- und Kom­mu­ni­ka­tions­­­service GmbH is subsidiary of the F-Call AG. Together they are one of the largest service centers in the cooperated banking sector. Companies from the Genossen­schaft­lichen FinanzVerbund (Coope­ra­tive FinanceAssociation), more than 200 cooperative banks and clients in other sectors benefit from 2Call’s service philosophy. The client concen­­trates on his core business and 2Call an­­swers all questions on technical matters. Figures and awards prove 2Call’s claim and success, whose technicians can boast an immediate solution rate of 95 per cent. 2009 the company re­­ceived the ECCCO-Award, for the best customer care performance.


As a security line of Fiducia IT AG, the employees of 2Call have expertise in all internet-related security matters, in­­cluding internet banking. Whether a client has a question about phishing attacks or knotty problems to do with payments with electronic banking prod­­ucts, the 2Call team is able to offer secure and competent solutions. Ser­vices customised to the needs of individual clients and well-trained employees make 2Call an attractive partner for the tech­­nical hotlines of innova­­tive companies.








  1. Address

    Karl-Hammerschmidt-Straße 44
    D-85609 Aschheim
    Telefon +49 (0) 89 9943-2550
    Telefax +49 (0) 89 9943-3801
  2. Year of establishment

  3. Business activity

    Call-centre and service centre services;
    information services;
    supporting marketing services;
    technical hotline for internet and
    PC-based applications;
    technical hotline for internet banking,
    new stock exchange listings, bank portals;
    a user helpdesk;
    outbound/campaign management
    and telephone exchange